Prefecture : Kanagawa
Registration club name : Waseda University
Test class : 7
Home link : Shin Yokohama FSC
Date of Birth : 1980.12.31
From : Chiba
Blood type : AB
Height : 157cm
Weight : 44kg
Coach : Nabuo Sato
Former coaches : Nobuko Fukui, Shinji Someya
Choreographer : Lori Nichol
School/Grade : Waseda university /Junior
Skated Since : Six Years Old / Professional since 9th Grade
A skater she respects : Michelle Kwan
Program music>>
Short : Ave Maria(Schubert)
Free : Moon light sonata(Beethoven)
Hobby : Shopping
Favorite actors and singers : Tom Cruise·Bruce Willis·Da pump·Takuya Kimura·Sayuri Yoshinaga
(Fake) E-mail :
( Fake ) AIM : Fumie Suguri
Fan Mail : Fumie Suguri
c/o Skating Federation
Kishi Kinen Taiikukan 1-1-1
Jinnan Shibuyah Ku
Tokyo 150-8050

(I'm NOT Fumie Suguri)
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Monday, August 12th, 2002

[12] Red, white & blue

Time:6:16 pm.
Mood: amused.
The party was awesome!!! :D I loved it! Too bad COI's over, seems like a lot of y'all are sad it's over. I'm sad I didn't get to tour more than a month in July. :( Oh well, I think I'll be touring next year!! :D Yay! I brought some of my medals to the party. They hurt my neck alittle, but it was all right. I also wore a light pink tank top and light brown jeans. It goes pretty together, huh? The fly home today was all right. I annoyed lots of people like Sasha said to!! Then I fell asleep and killed my neck. Oww.. It's all right now. Thank God.

Lol, I'm just talking to Oskana and trying to catch up on friends entries.

~ Fumie

Saturday, August 10th, 2002

[6] Red, white & blue

Time:6:38 am.
The wedding was great! ^_^ I'm so happy for Lena!! I hope they have fun on the hunnymoon and the marriage goes good!!! :D And yummm.. the cake was good. ;) I have 3 pieces!!! lol!

Lol, Vic was a good date! :)

Here's what I got 'emCollapse )
I hope they liked them. :D

Friday, August 9th, 2002

[7] Red, white & blue

Time:12:36 am.
I made it to Russia safely. :) Sorry I didn't post while I was on the plane; my laptop was messed up, something 'bout connecting to the net, but it's fine now. After I got there I checked into a hotel, like I said I would, and then shopped for CDs and a wedding gift. I didn't find any CDs, but I found the perfect wedding gift. Hehe. :D I can't wait 'til the wedding, if I'm dateless. Lol. ;)

I better get to sleep. Byee!


Thursday, August 8th, 2002

[2] Red, white & blue

Time:8:58 am.
Mood: peaceful.
Whee.. I'm flying to Saint Petersburg, Russia so I can make it to Lena's wedding! I'm leaving in a hour and then'll I'll check in a hotel and shop a little. And the next day go to her wedding! Yay! Can't wait! So soon! :) Well, this'll be sort cuz I hope I can update while I'm on the plane, since I'll be on the plane for around 6 hours.

Aww, I really like this song. It's so sweet and not what you'd expect from Eminem. Hehe.


Wednesday, August 7th, 2002

[6] Red, white & blue

Time:11:25 pm.

Take the skaterstest!:)

Take the "Which skating princess
are you? " test by Supersonic Squirrel

Yay!! That's me!! lol..

Last night, I sneaked off with some friends even though my mom told me not to. (I wasn't caught, Thank God!!!). We went to the movie Signs and it scared the hell outta of me. I was so scared, I hardly sleep last night, It was really bad. I kept having nightmares about aliens. Lol. Well, I think I've gotten over it and I'll be able to sleep.. I hope.

I practiced today and that's pretty all of what happened today. Boring, ne? Well, I'm talking to Tara and that's fun! Tara's so cool! :D

That's all, byeee!

~ Fumie!

Monday, August 5th, 2002

[12] Red, white & blue

Time:7:03 pm.
Mood: happy.
hi everyone! :D Sorry I haven't posted in a while, cuz nothing's been going on. I've just been practicing and sleeping and eating healthy stuff. Fun, fun. Well, I'm talking to Sasha! She's really cool and fun to talk to, y'know.

What else to say.. Oh yeah! I talked to Michelle yesterday or something like that and I plan on going to Tara's party. I can't wait to go to Tara's party! :)

~ Fumie

Wednesday, July 31st, 2002

[6] Red, white & blue

Time:7:50 pm.
Mood: happy.
Sorry about not posting after practice yesterday- I went to movies afterwards. Austin Powers 3 & MIB II were good. I liked 'em alot. We stopped at the mall and I picked up the movie posters for them both. They're both on my walls. We all decided that we would go to Signs this Friday. Now that looks good! I can't wait to see that.

Practice wasn't too bad yesterday. We worked on some spins and jumps, and I think I'm getting alot better. Coach said by next week I should start workign with Lori, my choregrapher. Yay. ^^

Today was alright too. I practied in the morning for around 4 hours. I showered after and took a nap- the usual.

~ Fumie

Tuesday, July 30th, 2002

[8] Red, white & blue

Subject:A song for twenty
Time:3:11 am.
Mood: naughty.
Whee! I'm being a naughty girlie like Stephanie, but I've stayed up later than her, I think. Tomorrow's gonna be great, I mean, I'll be tired and coach is gonna make me work extra hard! I guess I made some bad choices today, although they were loads of fun.

After practice I hope I can go to a few movies with my friends. It'd be fun to watch the new Austin Powers and Men in Black. If I go, I hope I'm not disappointed since sequeals have been quite depressing this year, like Attack of the clones. Even if I am disappointed I guess I could still be greatful I got to spend time with my friends, which is rare. I've been lucky enough this week to chill with them twice.

Hmm, I changed the comment links on my journal. Yay. I also added lots of other skaters on my friends list. I hope they add me back.

I'd better go to sleep so I don't get hurt at practice cuz I'm tired.

Monday, July 29th, 2002

[13] Red, white & blue

Subject:Ahh, the pain..
Time:8:54 pm.
Mood: confused.
Sasha! Thanks to you I'm going to sweat five gallons for all those sweets we ate. lol! My coach is gonna have a cow when he finds out since my mom plans on telling him. My mom made me stop talking to Michelle and Sasha when she found me eating ice cream, cookies, and candy. She made me work out, ahh, the pain. I envy those normal teenagers that can eat all the sweets they want without being murdered by they coach an' mama! I miss doing that. Being a skater is hard, y'know? I miss lot's of stuff I used to do. Like SLEEPING, staying up late with friends, going to movies and the mall without being mobbed, eating unhealthy.. but skating is still awesome! I love skating anyway!! The fans..! They seem so happy to see me and the other skaters skate, that makes it all worth it.

Oii, I hope coachie isn't to hard on me..


white & blue

Subject:... I'll make this easy for you.
Time:7:28 pm.
Mood: bouncy.
IM me and then Add me!



[6] Red, white & blue

Subject:Gimme some sweets!!
Time:2:16 pm.
Mood: loved.
I'm so greatful for the warm welcoming I got! ^^ Thank you guys so much! You're all so sweet!

I woke up late today cuz I stayed up a little too late making my layout. I rushed to practice as fast as I could so Nabou won't get too mad. He wasn't as upset as the last times I'd been late. I apologized and we started. I really hope all this practice pays off and I win another gold medal, or atleast a silver.

I really want some sweets right now. But if I start eating some, I'll never be able to stop and then I'll be unheathly. I think Mom's been hiding the sweets from me anyway, what a meany, huh? Maybe if I just eat one..

~ Fum'

Sunday, July 28th, 2002

[16] Red, white & blue

Subject:Hello everybody!
Time:11:36 pm.
Mood: accomplished.
hii! Y(^O^)Y I'm Fumie Suguri, the ice skater! I'm so happy I finally got one of these things, a lot of my friends have some.

Well, today I woke up early and practiced skating with my couch, Nabuo Sato. We worked on my short program. I think it's coming along great.

After that I went home and took a nap and a shower since I was really exhausted and sweaty after skating for 3 hours. When I woke up, I decided to go shopping with some friends. I got some new clothes and this really cute plushy! It was a lot of fun, I really love hanging out with friends and shopping.

I guess I'd better go to sleep now, I have to skate some in the morning again. See you all tomorrow!

~ Fumie Suguri

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